Huashan won the Best Product of ISPO Textrends 2024 Spring/Summer (Website in Chinese)
Source:ISPO官网 | Author:HuaShan | Published time: 2022-07-01 | 2300 Views | Share:

Huashan has won the Best Product under the Soft Equipment (for shoes, backpacks, and tents) category of ISPO Textrends 2023/24 Spring-Summer. Previous participants included DuPont (Selection, Outer Layer, 2023/24 Fall-Winter), Anta (Top Ten, Base Layer, 2023/24 Spring-Summer), and 3M (Top 10, Fiber & Insulations, 2023/24 Fall-Winter).

This award is a recognition of Huashan’s performance and sustainability, and a symbol of the new trend of using woven fabrics in shoe uppers. Huashan will take up more social responsibility, create better products and contribute to the development of the industry. Join Huashan, and together we save water!