Quantum Anhydrous Dyeing Technology (Website in Chinese)
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Waterless dyeing is not a new thing, but its critical drawbacks include high cost, low speed, and heavy investment making it unfeasible. Huashan’s patented Quantum Anhydrous Dyeing Technology is a groundbreaking waterless dyeing technology where dyeing goes truly waterless, at an affordable price, with the advantage of JIT, and an unlimited number of colors. 

Traditional printing and dyeing technology is to dye the single-color embryo fabric after weaving, or to dye the yarn with water before weaving to become the color yarn after weaving. The patented waterless dyeing technology of HuaShan: Digital waterless dyeing equipment is attached to the weaving machine to dye the most basic unit of the fabric, yarn, in full color, so that the fabric and the color are finished at the same time and the color can be changed without stopping the machine. The machine can be used to revitalize the functions of traditional weaving machines, enhance the full-color system and design flexibility of weaving products, and create innovative weaving designs with unlimited space for development in general. This patented technology gives the name "Quantum Dyeing".

Quantum waterless dyeing has environmental advantages. Compared with traditional water dyeing, the most outstanding feature of quantum waterless dyeing is that it saves raw water and achieves zero discharge of waste water and waste residue, which saves energy and reduces carbon and makes the world a better place. The process is a zero time difference process.

HuaShan has developed three types of sports equipment using quantum waterless dyeing technology, which are upper, lace and label. Because of its unique technology, in addition to producing high quality, comfortable and beautiful products, it also has the function of anti-counterfeiting, cottage counterfeiting not only requires extremely high costs to produce, but also the effect of counterfeiting is very limited.