Sustainability is a movement, not a moment. Water is the most critical resource on the planet and saving it from being polluted is Huashan’s corporate philosophy. In just a few years, we’ve invented Quantum Anhydrous Dyeing Technology which captures the attention of the industry and media.

     With Huashan’s Quantum Anhydrous Dyeing Technology, we provide products of good quality and at a more friendly price than any other waterless dyeing products. On the market, there is so-called ‘waterless’ dyeing technology, which is only waterless during the coloring phase, but water is still used in the color-fixation phase. Huashan’s Quantum Anhydrous Dyeing Technology is truly 0 water consumption.

     Join Huashan, and be the guardian of our critical water resource.

     Our strict quality control and standards have won the affirmation of many domestic and foreign customers, and we have also successfully developed domestic and foreign markets, occupying an important place in the textile market.

     We welcome our customers with sincerity, serve the world with our heart, and save the earth with one heart.

6 million pairs of shoes/year

Save 46,656 tons of water/year

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True 0 water usage


Dye-and-weave, and rapid proofing


Smooth gradient color changing


Sustainability is no longer a costly fancy word